Thursday, 7 February 2013

The top five chef knives on the market for 2013


The top five chef knives on the market for 2013
Used by world-class master chefs and amateur foodies alike, the professional chefs knife is an important weapon in any cook’s armoury. But with so many different sizes, forms and models out there - what one should you choose? We have done the research for you – so you can simply cut straight to the facts.

Tojiro Senekou: The cutting-edge of knives
Favoured by none other than the king of the kitchen Heston Blumenthal, the blades of this knife are made up of 62 layers of steel that have been folded around a hardened blade core. This outstanding slicer and dicer is as sharp as it is sturdy – and it’s also rust resistant which makes it ideal for regular use. Top cooks who have trialled this one say that the handle is moulded to perfection, meaning it is extremely comfortable to grip. You can find the Tojiro Senekou range at leading UK cooking accessory site Chefs Knives Online, and the entire range has been reviewed here.

Scanpan Spectrum Santoku: A sharp contender
These pro chefs knives are pretty well rounded. They’re comfortable to grip and are reasonably priced. They even come in an attractive range of bright colours. Each one is made with carbon, as well as a vibrant non stick coating which weighs next to nothing. As a result it is quite dexterous – enabling you to slice through food with ease. This knife is available at a number of leading retailers.

In a Clas of its own: Clas Holson
The blade consists of a cutting-edge alloy, making it up to 300 times more resistant against corrosion. This, along with its attractive contemporary design and perfectly balanced ergonomic handle is why so many cook fanatics are opting for this one.

Victorinox knives are right on point
Although you won’t find a pair of scissors or a cork screw on the Victorinox, this 17cm ceramic Santoku knife from the makers of the world-renowned Swiss Army knife has been made from zirconium oxide, which makes it almost as hard as diamond and extremely light to hold. You’ll find a fantastic range of these knives here.


Victorinox Nylon Handle 8 Piece Student Starter Set

Saji’s Tantoku – Japanese perfection
Now a global brand, Saji knives started out from humble beginnings. Takeshi Saji begun as a knife-maker at the young age of 14, and went on to become of the most respected bladesmiths in Japan. The Tantoku knife is as practical as it easy on the eye. Available from , it doesn’t come cheap at £499.

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