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Reasons to ditch chemical filled cleaning products in favour of greener alternatives


The majority of people out there are extremely careful about the household products that they leave lying around or within easy reach, especially when children are around. If you’re a parent then you’ll know how much you panic when the bleach is out just in case your little ones manage to get hold of it or get it on to their fingers off the freshly cleaned sides. In order to cut down on unnatural chemicals in the household many people are now turning to alternative cleaning products made using only natural ingredients.

The only reason that many people are yet to make the change to greener cleaners is because they don’t understand the benefits that go along with making the switch:

Dangers that chemicals pose
The majority of chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis – not just in cleaning products – have not been tested for safety. Of the millions of chemicals that are out there only a miniscule fraction have been tested, but rather than being tested for safety they’ve been tested to see whether they’re actually unsafe. You’ll also be hard pushed to find any scientific data that details the short or long term health risks of any household chemicals.

Although there’s a chance that chemical cleaners could have a negative effect on adults whether it’s because they cause a skin irritation, problems with breathing or other complication, however the truth is they’re much more likely to cause problems for young children. There is a whole list of problems that can be caused by the chemicals in common household cleaners including skin irritations, asthma, chemical burns and even more seriously, cancer.

The packaging of bleach bottles and other cleaning products is generally extremely bright and therefore pretty enticing for children and it doesn’t matter how many times you tell your kids to keep away from the cleaning cupboard that will only make them want to head to it even more. Cleaning products generally smell nice too, having either a citrus or very sweet scent which entices children even more as they see a brightly coloured, sweet smelling toilet block as something to eat rather than something to avoid. Kids who can’t read or merely don’t read aren’t going to understand the dangers of something that looks just like a sweet to them.

Toddlers are into everything
If you have a young baby or toddler who’s just starting to find their feet you’ll feel like you need five pairs of eyes to be able to keep watch over their every move all day. There’s no getting away from the fact that this is difficult so the less likely they are to harm themselves the less you have to worry. If you remove toxic everyday cleaning products from your home and replace them with greener, environmentally friendly alternatives made from natural ingredients there’d be much less of an issue if you did find your child playing with the bottle. It’s not just the possibility of them coming across the products when they’re searching through the cupboards that’s a problem though because most parents will do everything they can to prevent their children playing with anything that could cause them harm by placing such products out of reach. However babies and toddlers are always absentmindedly chewing things and touching everything so the table that you just cleaned with a chemical cleaner is likely to turn into your child’s new teething ring at some point meaning all the cleaning chemicals will soon be all over your child’s hands as they pull themselves up and in their mouth as they chew incessantly on the edge of the table.

Children are affected more often
A child’s immune system is nowhere near as strong as that of an adult as they are still developing many basic bodily systems and haven’t been exposed to anywhere near as many harmful chemicals or diseases as an adult.
Most adults develop a barrier to the brain which stops harmful chemicals from circulating around the body however babies don’t have this and aren’t likely to develop it until adolescence when the immune system is fully developed. This means that babies and young children are consequently at a much higher risk of developing a negative reaction to being exposed to harmful chemicals.
Chemicals are everywhere so it’s impossible to eliminate them all from your home and some exposure is essential if you want your child to develop a healthy immune system. However, the chemicals in household cleaners generally have the potential to be much more dangerous so green, environmentally friendly cleaners made from natural products present the perfect way to reduce your child’s exposure to unnecessary harm.

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