Thursday, 2 November 2017

Save over 30% on Sparkling Wine at ASDA


It's time to stock up on your Christmas booze at Asda as they currently have a '6 bottles for £25' deal, working out at just £4.16 per bottle. If you like Prosecco then I can recommend their Progrigio, which is apparently a blend of Pinot Grigio and Prosecco, and having tried it myself I can vouch for it being just as good as Prosecco - and as my friend said to me this morning 'after your first bottle you don't really care what you're drinking'.

It retails usually for just £5 a bottle so the saving on this one is only around 17%, but if you stock up on 6 bottles of their Marques del Norte Cava Brut or Rosé (or any other bottle in the offer that's priced at £6) you'll save £11 over 6 bottles - that's just over 30%.

If you really want Prosecco then they have their regular £6 bottle on rollback at £5.

Save over 30% on Sparkling Wine at ASDA

Now is the time to stock up but remember to drink responsibly at all times.